Write It & Revise It Sessions 

Craft-based sessions focused on form and technique. Have ideas you want to put to paper? Have writing that you’d like to revise? I’ll provide you feedback for revising your work. You’ll receive written feedback and live 1-on-1 workshops to discuss your revision plans. Also learn how to identify + submit your revised work to journals and presses. 

$125.00 per piece / hour session 

Emerging Writer Sessions 

Have worked already published? Want to write and publish more? Let’s talk and make plans to build your writing career. You’ll receive live coaching, a publishing guide, and tools to move you forward. You'll receive written feedback and a live 1-on-1 coaching call.

$135 per hour session

Book Vision Writing Sessions 

Have a project that you’d like to submit, but don’t think it’s quite ready? Let’s talk about how to polish your project and where you might submit it (in whole or in parts)

$550 per project / hour session


For Prospective Graduate Students 


Graduate School Applications

You’ll receive: 

  • Written & Live Feedback on Materials  

  • Tips on Application Process

  • Mock Interviews 

Coming January 2022

Erotic Black Women (Poetry) 

Group Workshop

Begins January 2022; Applications open September 2021-October 2021

Uses of Writing Workshop (Mixed Genre) 

Group Workshop

Begins January 2022; Applications open September 2021-October 2021 


"Simone's class was so open and comfortable that I was completely able to be free to grow as a poet, and my confidence and writing style boosted through the roof. I got positive and critical feedback..." - former poetry student

"Thank you! That was beautiful, informative, and important scholarship for our students to see. I so deeply appreciate you!" -colleague and teacher

"I looked forward to her class and individual meetings. Interesting and discussions were lively. Simone was knowledgeable, smart, and sweet. Very admirable woman - super helpful and one of my favorite instructors." -former literature student

"You can tell she wants her students to do well."

-former writing student