2020 Uses of My Body, Barrow Street Review 


2018 Like Kansas, Big Lucks  


2021 “Yearn Time,” Barrow Street Journal 

2021 “Poem related to my body,” Barrow Street Journal 

2018 “Ritual No. 30,” Ocean State Review  

2018 “When my mother was decay,” Ocean State Review  

2018 “Abuse,” Sprung Formal  

2018 “Does One Heal From Domestic Violence,” WusGood Magazine 

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2015 “Body in the Locker Room,” Powder Keg Magazine 

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2015 “Junto’s 1946,” The Pierian  

2015 “This Should Not Be Called Monsters,” The Pierian  

2015 “Like Want for Having,” Big Lucks 

2013 “Bill Me a Heartbeat” Blackberry: A Magazine 


Audio and Visual Poems 

2017 “Years After Your Die,” The Continental Review 

2016  “ beautiful black queen,” Voicemail Poems 


Poems in Anthologies 

2018  “Look,” Breakbeat Poets: Black Girl Magic,  

2018  “beautiful black queen,” Breakbeat Poets: Black Girl Magic 


Book Reviews 

2015  “Review of You Da One by Jennifer Tamayo,” Los Angeles Review  

2021 “Book Review: ‘All the Songs We Sing,” Project on the History of Black Writing 



2018 Ocean State Review 

2017 Puerto del Sol  


Nonfiction  at the

Project on the History of Black Writing 

2019 “Black Poetry Conference"

2016 “Women’s History Month" 

2014 “Furious Flower: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry"

2014  “National Poetry Month" 

2014  “A Book for Your Library: Jimmy’s Blues and Other Poems"

2013 “Revolution Will Be Live: African American Literature and Spoken Word"

2013 “6 Texts that Aid in the Study of African American Literature"

2013 “Biomythography in the Life Narrative and Poems of Audre Lorde"

2013 “Ann Petry and Langston Hughes: Representations of Black Motherhood

2013  “Nikki Giovanni’s When I Die: Forgiveness and Revolution

2012  “Gwendolyn Brooks: Maud Martha & Kitchenette Building"

2012  “Breast Cancer: Black Women’s Bodies and Poetry"

2012 “On Democratic Womanism by Alice Walker" 

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