Fitness Guides

Juicy Glutes 

Intermediate / Advanced 8-week 

(lean muscle, glutes, cardio) 


Cardio Strength 

All levels  

(HIIT, cardio, and strength) 


Lift Prep 

Beginner (cardio, strength) 


available soon!
available soon!

Personalized Coaching Programs

Body I Online Coaching Program

Beginner (12-week program)

Designed for the woman who has started or would like to begin her workout journey. We’ll talk fitness and nutrition, and I’ll develop a plan that supports your specific goals. You’ll also have access to live coaching calls and weekly check-ins.  


Body II Online Coaching Program

Intermediate / Advanced (12-week program)

Designed for women who have a consistent fitness and nutrition routine, and who would like to work with me to develop a new and challenging routine. Through live coaching and weekly check-ins, we’ll talk fitness and nutrition. I'll design a plan to further build your strength, power, and endurance.  

Private 1-on-1 sessions

Individual sessions (in-person)