Hey, beauty! So good to have you here. 

My name is Simone Savannah. I am writer, creative writing teacher, and fitness coach. During my Ph.D. program, I taught creative writing workshops and focused my research on Black women’s writing and lived experiences. Desiring activities outside of my graduate work, I started working out and eventually became a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Fitness helped me gain the endurance and strength to finish my program and become a published writer.   

If you're like me, you sometimes struggle to believe that your writing and your body deserve space in this world. You want to spend more time writing and eventually publish your work. You want to gain more confidence in your body and learn exercises that build rather than erase your body. My recent book, Uses of My Body explores experiences of erasure, sexual and racial violence, and of pleasure and healing. I wrote personal poems about perceptions of Black women, and how those perceptions have affected my relationships, self-care, and journey toward autonomy.  

Outside of teaching creative writing courses at an academic institution, I've decided to assist women writers (who may or may not be affiliated with MFA or academic programs) emerge as writers. I know it is difficult to write and identify journals or presses for creative work. I want women who lack the confidence or knowledge in writing and publishing to take the next steps to become successful writers.

I want to support you as you take up the space you deserve in the writing world! My writing services are designed to help you write more, as well as revise and publish your creative work.

As a certified personal trainer, I also want to assist women in developing their fitness and nutrition practices. I want women who need more direction in fitness to take the next steps to achieve their fitness and physique goals.  

My fitness coaching programs are designed to help you develop strength and endurance, as well as the knowledge to make good nutrition choices. 

Look - even if you are on your first draft or your first rep, I’d love to write and work out with you!  

#WriteFit with me?