I teach Black women creatives how to build strength and endurance while cultivating energy for their art!

"Strength training will help you become a more persistent and passionate writer. Replace the hours you spend pulling on stuck ideas with moments where you are literally pushing and pulling yourself." 

  • Daily movement assists with flow and unlocking creative blocks for writers
  • Daily movement can help improve endurance (and persistence) for writers
  • Daily movement can help relieve tension in the muscle and joints for writers who live a sedentary lifestyle


"you'll take your twerking and your writing to new levels with this program" 


My online training program will help Black women creatives tone, build strength and endurance, and maintain good nutrition habits! Clients receive access to a strength and program, nutrition plans, weekly check-ins, and fitness videos and library.

This program is for...
women creatives who are serious about transforming their bodies
women creatives who are committed to learning their bodies
women creatives who have some experience with exercise
This program is NOT for...
women creatives who refuse to work to create better habits 
women creatives who are not open to change and challenge
women creatives who have absolutely no experience with exercise 
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Ready to produce more energy-driven art?